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Welcome – Your One Stop Wedding and Event Hire Specialists.


We all have days when we want to celebrate a little something, be it the union of two souls or the birth of an angel. The much deserving success or the long awaited initiation and what better way to celebrate happiness than sharing it with our people?! An event is more than just a gathering, it’s a memory you make to later reflect upon, it’s the many photographs you add to your life album to later pause and smile at. It’s not limited to the boundary of 5 words, it encompasses a whirlpool of emotions, sentiments and channeling them in the best way can be such a task!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle, we tend to get carried away to an extent where one small thing can lead to a blunder, leaving too big an impact. The pressure to make sure that all flows down the road to perfection gets too much to deal with. But, that’s no longer an issue. You want to make your occasion grand, we will make it grand for you! And with a promise of not letting that smile escape your face even for a minute!

We are more than just happy to announce that we, the Weddings & all Events Hire people are here to take care of all that is needed to make your celebration a memorable one while all you do is wear that carefree smile of yours. Yes, we are here to your rescue and to make it all possible!

We will do it all for you! Your celebration is no longer yours alone. We will cater to it as our very own. Starting from the raw idea to the decorations, from the expectations you have got to meet to delivering more than what our package promises. You can trust us with your fears, concerns and watch us while we make them go away. Whether you are looking for a party oozing with vibrancy or a wedding defining elegance, we are here to cater to your needs, the much needed solution to your miseries. We do it all, from  “Wedding Hire”, “Party Hire” to “Marquee Hire” and “Event Hire”.

Choose from an ocean for an option of classy ” Tiffany Chairs ” to elegant “Table Centerpieces” , from all kinds or event related knick knacks to “Wedding decorations “

There are a whole lot of varied possibilities waiting to be discovered by you. With us, you can let your imaginations run wild while we make it happen all before your eyes. Come, celebrate with us! Let’s flaunt that smile and dance our way out of the worries towards cherishing moments and making memories.

Feel free to reach to us and we’ll be at your service, happy to help and always eager to make sure that you get to pamper yourself and have a gala of a time.

Weddings & All Events Hire is a family owned and operated hire business, and has been in the industry since 2013.

We offer top quality commercial grade free standing & framed marquees, using block-out and fire retardant PVC.

Our Philosophy

We want to help you celebrate once-in-a-lifetime milestone events, in your own home or at a place that has personal meaning to you, at an unbeatable price.

Not only do we offer you the highest standard of marquees around, our prices are second to none.

Our People

Our staff are happy to help and with the highest level of expertise available. You can feel confident with our service.

Our Products

Happy Party Hire supplies an array of quality and affordable party hire products, for delivery to all Sydney suburbs, including:

Structured Marquees, Pagoda Marquees, Marquee Linings, Lighting, Round Tables, Trestle tables, Tiffany Chairs, Folding Gladiator/Americana Chairs, Plastics Stackable Chairs, Bain Maree, Chafing Dish, Red Carpets, DJ Equipment and many more

There is no better choice, you can be sure you’re choosing the right company to beautify your special occasion.

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